Realty Information

If you are a licensed broker or sales associate currently working in the real estate field, and you own an Oilheated home, you're eligible for a discounted price on your heating oil AND a free service contract for one year!

As a real estate professional, you are also entitled to the following FREE services provided by Approved Oil:

  • Before the property is shown to prospective buyers, we'll clean the boiler, burner and surrounding area to improve its appearance.
  • If the heating system has been given an unsatisfactory rating by the inspector, we can provide a second opinion thanks to our license with the city's Department of Consumer Affairs. Our expert, certified technicians can correct any problems that have been detected.
  • The day before closing, we will measure oil in the tank and provide documentation. This enables the seller to receive the proper credit from the buyer for the fuel that remains in the tank.

Approved Oil also provides the following FREE services for home buyers:

  • We will perform an energy audit of the home to identify areas that are prone to heat loss, such as gaps around windows and doors.
  • To ensure the proper operation of a heating system, we will conduct an efficiency test of the equipment and make any necessary corrections.
  • We will clean the burner, prepare the system for the heating season and conduct a thorough safety check, including inspection of the chimney.
  • To educate home buyers, we'll explain proper operation of the heating system and provide a recommended maintenance schedule.
  • We'll provide a list of suggestions on how to reduce fuel consumption and conserve energy.
  • If the new homeowner becomes an Approved Oil customer, we will give them a FREE service contract for one year and offer a discount on our daily posted price for home heating oil.

To learn more about our Real Estate Service Program and how we can help homeowners save, please contact us!