Take the Burn Out of Winter Heating Bills!

Approved Oil has the know-how to keep Old Man Winter from taking advantage of your heating needs when the temperatures drop, and we've taken that knowledge and turned it into our very own Budget Plan!

  • You'll use about 80% of your fuel in only 3 months - but you don't have to pay for it all over the heating season!
  • Enroll in our Budget Plan, and we'll estimate your heating costs for the season and divide the total into equal monthly payments.
  • Over the course of the year, all of your bills stay the same! This makes heating your home in the winter just as inexpensive as it is in the spring.
  • Hurry - you must register for our 12 month budget plan by September 30! (After that, call our office to arrange a payment plan.)

Stay in Touch with Text Messaging!

Stay on top of your heating services with Text Alerts! Receive important information about your account or emergency/storm announcements from Approved. Just log in to your account portal to enroll. It's that easy ... and it's free!

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From Brooklyn's brownstones to Manhattan's skyscrapers, Approved Oil provides New York City's residents and businesses with intelligent energy solutions that drive down costs while promoting efficiency and enhancing comfort. We meet every heating need from fuel delivery to system upgrades, from residential to commercial services, and from Oilheat to natural gas. We even provide electrical services and energy audits. In a way, Approved Oil is like a utility company, but with more options, fewer hassles and lower costs. For service you trust, please call Approved Oil today or contact us online.


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