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Considering replacing your old, outdated heating system? Don't even think about switching to utility gas. Oilheat is now cheaper than gas. Plus, we'll provide you with a new, high-efficiency, oil-fired boiler for free. That's right! You'll only pay for labor costs and equipment controls. Read our family flyer for complete details, and call or contact Approved Oil to take advantage of this special, limited-time offer while supplies last.

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Introducing Clean & Green Bioheat® Fuel

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions to our customers, we're proud to announce the addition of Bioheat® fuel. And this clean, green and economical fuel is paving the way for more than simply a brighter environmental future – its high lubricity will also enhance the longevity of your home heating equipment! Synthesized from a variety of renewable resources such as plant-derived oils and animal fats, Bioheat® fuel is one sustainable energy source. Visit our Oilheat Info page for more information about this smart fuel.

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Welcome to Approved Oil!

From Brooklyn's brownstones to Manhattan's skyscrapers, Approved Oil provides New York City's residents and businesses with intelligent energy solutions that drive down costs while promoting efficiency and enhancing comfort. We meet every heating need from fuel delivery to system upgrades, from residential to commercial services, and from oil heat to natural gas. We even provide electrical services and energy audits. In a way, Approved Oil is like a utility company, but with more options, fewer hassles and lower costs. For service you trust, please call Approved Oil today or contact us online.


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