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As a family-owned business that has been delivering fuel to New York City residents for several generations, residential service is in our genes here at Approved Oil. These days, the residential landscape of NYC is seeing a lot of changes, as brownstones and tenement housing make way for luxury apartments and high-rises, but as always, Approved Oil continues to evolve with the times, working with building owners, property managers and tenants to keep the "home" in home comfort services.


Home to the New York Stock Exchange, the Fifth Avenue Shopping District, and millions of local businesses, New York City is the world's commercial epicenter. As a proud Brooklyn-based business, Approved Oil is happy to support others in the City's business community by offering expert consulting, procurement and benchmarking services, as well as utility audits and a range of other tools that help companies succeed in this competitive commercial environment.

Wholesale Division

At Approved we have acquired guaranteed storage space in deep water oil terminals in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Guaranteed storage allows us to bring in our own oil tankers every day. This adds the strength of wholesale capabilities to an existing fleet of 55 oil trucks and has elevated Approved Oil into the ever diminishing market of Fuel oil wholesaler and distributor.
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